Stretching a Section edge to edge -

Hey Webflow Community!

I have some issues with streching the contact section from the one side to the other side.

I want it like the Figma Design - the image one the left and the form block on the right, without whitespace on left or right:
Figma Design

Here is my read only link of webflow:

And my second problem:
I want the footer copy to be align with all other sections above, like grids in Figma, but I coudlnt manage it nice.

Hope you can help me.

Hi Moritz,

The reason why the contact section is not taking up the full view width of the screen is because your section class has a padding of 60px. I would create a combo class for the contact section and remove the padding — that way your other sections aren’t affected that do require padding.

As far as your second problem is concerned, I’m not sure what the problem is. If you want alignment to be consistent throughout different sections then I would recommend using the same margin/padding amounts throughout different sections of your design.