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Stretch Navigation on Click

Hey Guys, hum… i need a help!

I would like to know if is possible make some contact menu like this:

is it possible? Can u guys help me?

Thank you so much!

Just a quick look… but I think you can do that with hiding / showing a div.

The website OP is referring to is here:

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Hi @Francisco_Junior, we can definitely achieve this using Webflow! I started to build out a demo for you on this, but stumbled upon a bug with interactions that affect element heights. :-/ hopefully we can find a fix soon.

In the meantime, the demo and all the settings can be found here (only it will not work as expected yet until we fix the issue)
Click on the page titled “Stretch Navigation on Click”

Sorry guys! Will post updates as soon as I hear back from our dev team :smile: