Streaming live at 10am (PST)

Streaming now (ended), recreating my dad's website in webflow for his birthday


I don’t expect any viewers, but figured I might as well post it.


Alright, finished! Took me 9 7 hours. Damn, didn’t record all of it, forgot to hit the record button half way through. Will probably upload a video comp soon. The first bunch of hours are the important part anyway, most of the rest was just grunt work. The last hours had me getting tired, shenanigans ensued.


The goal was not to make it better per se, but really just transfer over to a new platform (webflow) so that now that all the content and functionality is in, NOW we can go fancy and totally change things up, make things better. Actually not all the content is in yet, but it’s a great start.

Am i missing something here it looks the same?

Yes you are missing something.

Sveky might’ve replied before I edited my post.

To explain further, I would have no idea what website design to go for. I’m not a designer, I am actually a composer/sound designer and this kind of website is very sensitive to design because we can’t make it overly modern/fancy otherwise serious potential customers will roll their eyes.

How cool is it to go from a crappy website editor to webflow? And on your birthday no less? All of a sudden you can move elements around? All of a sudden you can add things, change things, drag-and-drop, copy/paste! It will make it so easy to explore ideas and move forward with a polished design, and we can really hone in on that elusive design that is not overly modern but elegant and functional plus a touch of old-timey theme.

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