Streaming Audio from Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure

Hi foks,

Please help a poor newbie out. I’m a mix engineer building my website out on Webflow. I’m decently happy with the site itself, but now I’d like to set up an audio player that streams high quality WAV files (I’d rather not rely on SoundCloud). I’m aware that pointing my HTML5 audio player to OneDrive or Google Drive files doesn’t work.

So I’ve been looking into Microsoft Azure, which, like Amazon S3, seems suited to exactly this type of need. While I’m sure this is fairly trivial to set up, since these services are designed to handle many types of workloads, I’m quickly getting confused with all of the jargon.

This is partially my pride speaking, but I’d rather not switch to Wix or Squarespace just because I couldn’t get a simple audio player working. If you could help me set this up, I would be forever grateful!