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Stream video to website

Having videos on the homepage is result in a long download time. I would like to stream the video if possible. I’m guessing that this will be the best way to reduce the page load time?

Can anyone give me guidance on the best course of action to reduce the page loading time apart from reducing the video size which already has been reduced as much as it can before the quality gets worse?

Thank you.](

If you’re using the video component, with either Youtube or Vimeo videos, that’s streaming, files aren’t loaded, they start streaming when the play button is clicked.

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I have tried putting in a YouTube video but I cannot get rid of the ‘Share’, ‘Watch Later’ and YouTube button at the start of the video. YouTube have stopped the ability to hide that apparently. I have already looked at the developers page:

Apart from that I was able to make it play automatically and looped it.

What’s the best solution that anyone knows of that does not show branding, info, plays automatically and can be looped?

I have noticed that Webflow’s “Background Video” actually is uploading the video to: - so this means the video is streaming to the site and therefore the website doesn’t have to download the video first?

In case any of this didn’t help, here is an article that I’ve read when I wanted to create a video streaming website: Maybe you’ll find some idea of what you should do.

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