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Stream suggestion

@PixelGeek, I’m not sure how many streams you have in the queue, but you mentioned that you’re open to ideas for streams.
This stream suggestion may be more for people new to web design, or new to Webflow.

  1. In brief, quickly breakdown five different types of sites by quickly stating what components are utilized for each part of each site. It would perhaps be really long, but you could move through them quickly.
    This sort of stream would simply be to encourage people to understand the basic components of site design and remove the mental barriers for creating web solutions with Webflow.
    For example, The Apple website uses these main five sections on their homepage: (insert basics and describe how to organize/structure them).
    Then quickly browse a few other sites to analyze/problem solve in a similar way: Nike, SpaceX, Stripe, Medium, etc.

  2. Another would be to discuss a few quick tips that make basic elements perform in less obvious but actually more common ways. For example, making the dropdown component be a sidebar expanding accordion nav element.

  3. Explore ways to create the most impressive ecommerce detail page using various components, such as Tabs with Gallery with Lightbox or even integrate Modals, etc., all together.

I don’t stream as of yet, so I don’t know what would best fit your audience.
In my opinion I think Webflow is frequently perceived as being a place to make landing pages, and it is so much more powerful than just that, obviously.

Just a few ideas. Cheers!

  1. is a great idea. Especially for Webflow newcomers who aren’t yet comfortable with what the flow of elements is or how the box model works.