Stream is not working in iframe

Hii, I am running a tv streams website and stream some of the channels. Some of the channels are domain protected so the problem is channels are working fine in my domain but when any user take my link and create an iframe for that the content is not working outside my website like: this is the link, when anyone open this its working but any try to take this “” and embed in their website or i create html or php page its not working. it is showing totally blank. please help anyone

Hi @nnkkumari

Depending on the site’s servers, they could be blocking iframing content on other sites. Also, regarding copyright material on your Webflow site, please refer to our terms of service:

Hope this helps :smiley:

Then what i have to do? to sort out this issue?

There is no way around the iframe blocking issue. Unless you can contact the website owners to ask them to open it for you.

i m the website owner. what to do?

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