Strato DNS records, Webflow and Weglot

This information might be useful for everyone who’s domain is on Strato, uses Webflow, as well as translation Tool Weglot.
So Weglot is migrating to Cloudflare (until 31.10.2023) and you haveto update DNS records, which is the TXT one and the NAME is “_acme-challenge.www”.
The thing is, that it’s not possible to add www record in your “” domain. You have first to add the www subdomain and there insert TXT record of “_acme-challenge” and not “_acme-challenge.www”.
Then you have to follow instructions in Weglot tool, in my case I had to remove Webflow CNAME record in the main domain (without the www) and then add the CNAME record.
Then it worked for me.
Hope it helps someone!