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Strange the consequences of animation

1 Why does the page twitch slightly during the animation?
2. Why do the shoes and the belt “flashing” after the animation?

Hi @Barsik

I can’t see any here (Chrome) - are you able to post a screen recording?

Windows 10 (x64) 1607
Chrome 64.0.3282.167

The animation is set to loop in your panel for the Page Scroll. I can see the animation bouncing too in Chrome because of this option is set.

To correct it: Turn off Loop.


If you want an animation to repeat when you scroll out and back in again, you need to set the interaction for when it leaves the page, it will then do the animation when you scroll back in.

Loop is used, so if you have an element rotate 360 for example, loop will keep it going again and again.

Hope that helps?

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Thanks @magicmark for taking the time to find a fix! How’s it looking @Barsik ?

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