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Strange problem related to CMS sorting

I have a collection that is sorted on 2 fields. One of them, District, is not shown and is correctly stored as text values such as 01, 01A, 01B, etc, The other, Seat, is also text, and is either Senate or House of Delegates. I want the the people listed grouped by district, with the senator first.

screen 0.jpg shows the sort order which I believe is correct. When I display the screen in preview mode it is correct. However, when I publish it, it first displays correctly, as in screen 1.jpg, then removes the collection as in screen 2, then re-sorts the collection with the senators first, as in screen 3.jpg.

What’s going on here? What do I need to do to correct this? This site was due for publication tomorrow, and was all set to roll out when this happened. Please help!


Here is my site Read-Only:screen%200

When I visit, I get your sorting OK I believe.

So maybe it’ a cache issue, on your side only. Try to work without cache at all.

Yes, it seems to have been resolved just now. Scared the hell out of me. But thanks for your fast response!


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