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Strange layout issue

I have something that is making go crazy. I have elements that are going outside the container area. I don’t have any margins applied to the elements (in the desktop or in the tablet and mobile versions). It looks like its about 10 pixels off but I don’t want to leave it that way. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

My website is:

I fixed it. Of course it would happen AFTER I create a post. lol. I wasted like an hour or two trying to figure this out earlier. I fixed it by removing a “class” that I had created… but I am puzzled as to why it was even flowing outside the container. It’s things like this at times that make me hate web-design and it’s very time consuming having to always go and fix something that somehow gets out of whack. I’m not saying it’s a glitch, but I am puzzled.

Hi @GodlessGlen, the best advice I can give you, is to keep on with it, it does take a little time to get familiar with Webflow. We are busy working on new tutorials and help documentation with improved instructions :smile: Dave