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Strange Gap in Dynamic List

I have a dynamic list on a few different pages, and I am experiencing a strange gap within the display.

The attached screenshot shows the strange gap I am referring to, which is also present on another page with the same kind of layout.

It seems when I change the layout to four items wide, the issue is corrected.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Hi @moserrw, it looks like the fixed height on the Thumbnail Text class might be causing the issue. I would suggest to remove the fixed height, and see if that helps :smile:

Thanks @cyberdave. I got that “93 pixels” from the template I used.

I made the height “Auto” and the problem seems to have been fixed in the Editor, but not on the published site.

Any ideas?

I had a similar problem on a site i did a few weeks back. It worked in the editor but not on the published site. Is this a bug or a known problem? I kept playing with the spacing and eventually got it to work.

try a min-height on your styles

I tried a min height of 100 and height of “Auto” and I still have the problem: looks fine in the editor but not on the published site… any ideas?


In just glancing at this, I see in x-ray mode that your two-line blog title seems to be making the height of the container box taller than the others. I have no idea if this is what might be a source of the problem, and I don’t have time to investigate, but thought you might want to check that out.

Good luck!

try a min height of 500 then adjust accordingly.

soon this type of issue will be easier to fix with flexbox.

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