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Strange extra padding on CMS dropdown

Hey there,
I am working on building out a new marketing site for my company and I am running across a really strange issue that appears to be affecting Dropdowns used in the CMS.

When all the dropdowns are closed, everything looks great and there is equal space between each dropdown item as you can see in this screenshot:

However when I open the dropdown, Webflow is adding a strange extra 10px or so of space to the open dropdown:

There is no spacing, padding, margin, ANYTHING in the stylings of these classes. Check out my read only link to see:

This affects the smoothness of my transition I made when closing the dropdown items.

The weirdest thing about this is that it only affects this class of Dropdown IF used in a CMS collection. If I take the same elements out of the CMS and just generate them statically on my site, I have no issues at all.

Such a strange issue, maybe a bug. Hopefully someone can check it out and help!

Bumping because I am still having this issue!

Can u share the published link.easier to debug

this space comes from the grid.To test just add a bg color to your item you can see the extra space.

Here’s the published link:

Any reason why the grid is adding the extra space? Or how I fix it? Why would it do this?

Why do you want to use a grid in this layout.In my opinion it can be normal blocks.

Found it!!

Set the Display of the Faq Dropdown Div to Block instead of inline block

Thank you!! @Sahil.M

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