Strange blue background on w-button in published site

@anna_kelian Webflow suddenly adds a blue background for my buttons from nowhere.

My buttons do not have blue background and Design/Live stage, but when I publish it, it adds blue background from w-button class that I can’t control. How to remove it?


Here is my public share link:

Hi @nshilenok

Thanks for sharing this here.

This sounds like strange behavior. I couldn’t reproduce it on my end.
What device and browser version are you seeing this behavior in?

Make sure you have set Background-color: transparent for these buttons.
Also, can you clean up all unused styles and publish the site again for me please!

I’m standing by for your reply.

@Anna_Kelian Did so and added your code even in custom attributes but no luck :frowning:

Logo and CTA button have diffrent classes attached but still inherit w-button class from somewhere.

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@Waldo @Anna_Kelian Thank you all, I solved it by duplicating the project.


Glad to hear it was resolved @nshilenok

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