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Strange behaviour of a button on mobile


Something strange is happening with the button that I have at the bottom of my landing page. When loading the site on mobile, the first time that I load it the button is not there, but if I load it again immediately, it appears :S.

Link to the lp:

Does anyone know the reason?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @SabrinaCouto, thanks the post and sorry to hear about the trouble with the button, are you referring to the chat button?

It is really helpful to be able to look at the site in read-only preview mode, if you can help to share the link to the site:

Thanks in advance

You have issues with custom code. Custom code should generally be placed in the page footer ONLY, unless you know what you’re doing.


Thanks @cyberdave and @samiiew !! I didn’t have the change to try out your suggestions because today it seems to be working perfectly fine :S.

Thanks a lot!