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Strange behaviour in Firefox and IE


I have been working on this site for a few months now and was soon to push live. I have the site hosted on a development platform for our client and he noticed all of a sudden that the site was not displaying correctly on IE 11. It seems to completely mess up the css. I checked and it did indeed look very strange so I checked on Firefox and it also looked very weird.

It displays perfectly in Chrome and also displays perfectly in IE11 and Firefox when published to Webflow’s servers.

I defaulted to an earlier version (March) and it displayed correctly across all browsers, it’s the latest versions that are messing up.

Anyone have any idea what is causing this rather obscure and confusing problem?

The problem only occurs on the developemnt platform and only for the newest version of the site( not older version) ?

What is the development platform?


We have it on ISPCONFIG running on UBUNTU.

EDIT: I made a duplicate copy of the site and it works perfectly! There must be something wrong somewhere with that original.

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