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(Quite new to Webflow but LOVE it! Thanks for making such an awesome product!)

A user has access to the list of previous purchases made at webshops.
It’s a long list of past purchases. For all purchases, he can show either a health score, the price, an environmental score,… He can sort all of his previous purchases from best to worst, worst to best, most frequently purchased…

Test url:

Currently, when the user wants to switch from “health sorted by :heart:worst to best” to “Fat loss sorted by :candy:worst to best”, the user has to: 1) click Fat loss 2) click “sort by” 3) click " :candy: worst to best".
I would like it that by clicking on Fat loss, it adapts directly to " “:candy: worst to best”.

How would you recommend as approach to do it?
Using a variable with the last sort selected “sort by” in each session for the user?
Using interactions?

Bonus question: Currently the url is adapted for each score showed (health vs fat loss vs…)
I don’t find it user-friendly. What approach would you recommend to make scores and sorts interact well?

Thank you!:raised_hands:

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