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Store (more pages)

Hello. I am an active user of the Webflow and created several sites. Now I want to create an online store, but faced with the fact that I can not create more than 80 pages. I solved this problem using TABS element for each product, but when I add the widget comments “DISCUS” to every product it can only appear in one product in one page.

Can you help me solve this problem?

This is my website
He still needs some work of course

If it can not be fixed, how I can use more than 100 pages on Webflow?

What are TUBS elements ?

As far as I know there is no way to break the 100 pages limit. It’s written somewhere on Webflow that Organization accounts are unlimited in pages but it’s a mistake, it’s still limited to 100 pages.

I would say that it’s too soon to give your big store to Webflow yet. As of today, Webflow is for static content. You can build your templates and make them dynamic outside of webflow hosting, but doing the opposite you’re going to face some limitations.

Sorry. TABS elements
I corrected in the header