is a new site that allows .art sites to register. Having a issue pointing the site to WebFlow

I am trying to redirect my domain to
The site is asking for the Host Name.

I use @ but that is not working
and using the
and the

What is WebFlow’s Host Name

What is your domain name, and please provide screenshots of your current DNS settings.

Well I typed in the 23. and the 104 ip numbers and then the .art site changed them.

What I don’t know about doing this is a lot.

The server changes them

Go Daddy is easy, But this is a new .art domain service
and I really do not understand where to go or what to do.

Where it Says Host @ What is that

@ means root/naked domain name.

Well, I figured I would have trouble since it was not a godaddy
site… and I am.

Not sure why it changes the ip addresses
I keep trying to send you this but
it says the body is too small and the file is too large

Heck this time I forgot to attach the movie
here it is hope the body is large enough this time
Im just typing to fill the body
attached movie.

Replying to posts via email doesn’t work with attachments.

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