Stop youtube video autoplaying in video lightbox (IE)

Does anyone know why a youtube video in my video lightbox would autoplay in internet explorer only?

My client indicates that the audio from the video is playing as soon as he lands on the page even though he has not interacted with the lightbox. No issue in any other browser besides that.

Is there some custom code I can add to stop it? I know there aren’t any settings in the video lightbox to disable autoplay. I’m assuming it is has something to do with how internet explorer is rendering the video.

Ideas? Thoughts.

This is the page if fit helps:

IE is depreciated. As a result there have been no feature enhancements for quite some time. Background video is relatively new. Modern browser manufactures have recently implemented a no autoplay video with audio policy in their respective browsers. This was in response to the number of user complaints by normal users. Users hated sound playing on page load.

The user has the best option. Stop using IE. Security concerns alone should be enough of a reason.

As someone in control of the site, you could implement custom code that detected IE and deleted / replaced the BG video.

The question is whether the client wants to pay for that when the user base of IE is less than 2%.

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thanks for the response. the person who brought this to my attention is actually the backend developer on the project. i built and maintain the front-end in webflow. not sure exactly how critical finding a solution will be but you’ve got me off to a good start.

i guess my question was more on the side of whether this was a common issue for folks still needing to support ie and if there was already a common solution in place (i.e…something I could literally copy and paste from stack overflow lol). but from your response i’m assuming not. this was a first for me, as none of my previous clients were concerned with ie so i’m pretty much out of the loop as to what is and what isn’t supported.

You would would just add some code to remove / replace the element.

Or tell the user to change the settings in IE. This might do it ->

just wanted to circle back and thank you for helping me frame my thinking about IE support and how to address it to my client/teammate.

i ended up sending him a message about whether it makes sense (time & cost wise) to try to maintain code compatible with IE considering the current climate. i also sent him these two articles for reference:

No response yet but from now on this will be my go-to stance when I encounter questions about IE. Thanks again for helping me think through my approach.

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