Stop website from scrolling to the right?


I’m trying to figure out what element is allowing my website to scroll to the right in iPad, mobile landscape, and mobile portrait view…thoughts?

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Hello Nathan,

looks like some elements has a big left margins, fix these margins and everything will be fine :wink:


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Hi Sabana,

I the components you identified. Unfortunately, I am unable to test due to when I make edits, my fonts change. Right now, I’m not able to correctly use my uploaded google fonts. Additionally, while in preview mode, my menu does not drop down. I already have a new topic created for the font issue. Should I create a separate topic if the drop down menu issue?

Hopefully, the font issue will get resolved so I can verify.

Thanks Sabana,


have you tried turning off OVERFLOW

Hi Revolution,

I’m not familiar with OVERFLOW. I’m afraid to do anything with my site right now until the font issue of not having my uploaded fonts working is resolved.

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Hi again Nathan,

Well, I can tell you that to me menu is opening. Yet it is opening on the left side of the screen, not sure if it should be like this or it is the issue.

About other element, that cause horizontal scrolling it is the text-block.
I noticed you are using 2 different text-blocks for desktop and tablet/mobile version. So I would recommend “turn them off” for devices, where they are not been used.

You can do this on the settings tab.

About OVERFLOW. @Revolution notice is pretty useful.
The overflow property specifies what happens if content overflows an element’s box. On the styling tab for any element you can choose overflow option: visible, hidden, scroll and auto (it will be scroll only if content bigger than container size)

Hope it helps.



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