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Stop scrolling to the blank space on end of page

Hi i was having a problems on the phone scrolling/dragging to a blackspace(a background) once it reached the end of the page. Chrome usually allows the page to refresh once dragged to the top, but safari seems to just carry on to this blank space. Its kind of like forcefully dragging the page outside its webpage, and coming back to its original position after letting go of your finger. It happens for both the top and bottom side, and I was wondering if this is something that can be disabled?

Thank you.

No it can’t be disabled. But what you call ‘blank’ is actually the body. So if you have blank sections in your page, you can give them a white background. Then, find a nice and subtle texture and apply it to the body. Now you’ll see the texture instead of blanc, and that’s a nice easter egg, fine tuned design aspect… you can also craft your own texture with a nice message on it… what I try to say is you can exploit that annoying thing to make it a great subtle design detail.

Great subtle seamless textures at What I think about is somthing a bit dark, like a wallpaper or the paper pettern you have inside the cover of some books. Something like this

I sometimes chose a dark color and make a pattern with the logo of the client. Very subtle, very repetitive… it’s a very nice detail when they find about it.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you Vincent,

That is a really great idea. I will try to work on that. :slight_smile:

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