Stop outside elements from being greyed out when in a component

I’m sorry if this has been covered before; I struggled even to phrase this question.

Is there a way to style a component without the elements outside being greyed out? It makes it very difficult to style. Especially drop shadows. I don’t think it’s possible, but I figured I’d ask. It will definitely be a feature request if not.

Hi @dannyFig, I don’t think that’s possible, I’m afraid.

One solution would be to add a second version of the component in it’s place and unbind the second version to make your changes to the classes — which would be replicated across the other component instances. Keep in mind that this approach is not suitable if you are changing the HTML structure or content within your component.

Thank you for your reply! I didn’t realize an unbound component would affect the others. I will give that a try. :slight_smile:

As long as you are making changes to the style of a class, any element with that class will be affected. Nothing else in an unbound component will carry over.

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