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Stop Colour Transitions (At the Bottom)

Hi Guys,

My site is getting a little complex here with a ton of Z index layering :neutral_face:

I’ve got the structure looking good, however the 3 panel blog I’ve made just won’t position correctly anywhere unless I set it to fixed & make it fade in and out with a scroll opacity interaction. Really I just want to hide all the colour transitions on the site towards the bottom & have a few normal segments where I can house this interactive blog etc.

I’ve tried a div spanning like 150% length & 100% width to trigger them on and off and the bottom but it seems a little glitchy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Live Link -

Webflow Link -

Hey Will, your website is looking very clean :+1:. I’m curious, are you implementing NextParticle? Anyways, I want to help you but the preview link is broken on my end. Care to retry sending the link? Thanks

Thanks dude :slight_smile:

I am indeed, heavily edited tho.

Here’s the updated link -]


@PixelGeek I’m assuming you’re the best person to ask as you made the tutorial? Do you know how to get a clean fade out at the bottom so the colour transitions stop & I can go back to a normal static page?


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