Still struggling with responsive design! HELP!

Hi folks.

Just wondered if any kind people could share any tips and knowledge on responsive deisgn they have learned.

I’ve just recently learned how to utilize column wrap and shrink and grow. Which helps really well with the cross over of devices.

One of the recurring problems I have is section height. I set min heights on the sections themselves. When it comes to the cross over of mobile landscape and tablet portrait, I set the min section height to almost double for the narrow height on mobi landscape, but then portait tablet looks way too long. I just wondered if you guys set section height to auto, then maybe set max and min heights on the div’s/columns/elements inside? I’m thinking this way the sections will shrink and grow in height according to the size of the elements which directly correspond with the page height of the device?

This is one if the main things that is halting my progress in becoming a designer. I’d really REALLY appreciate any feedback and help.

Thanks a million.

PS the site is locomotive scroll so best to view on the published site.

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