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Still have smooth interactions on home page if I use work around for section linking in nav bar?


If I publish my page and use the work around suggested, will I still have a smooth transition on the home page from one section to another? Will the sections still glide on the home page instead of glide?

workaround: Linking to another page Section (+ a workaround)

My site:

I suppose the issue results from wanting to create a sleek hybrid - one page site/additional pages to go to.



When linking from page to page to a certain section, the page will jump. But, with some custom code, you can still achieve the smooth auto-scroll.

There may be a code ninja who maybe able to help you if you want to go down this path.

Hi @PixelGeek ,

Where do I find such a code ninja/resource for such?



@bart or @Waldo

Got time to help a fellow designer with this custom code question?

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