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Sticky with easing motion


I have a general question, is it possible to add easing motion to sticky objects as a page scrolls?

like a navbar that catches up a little late then the scrolling, or a sticky image that scrolls slower? or is it only possible through interactions?


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Hi @mapleshilc,
This is a good question, I think it can be done only with interactions.
Maybe @Siton_Systems can shed some light here?

hi @avivtech

thanks for the reply, i did look up some css and js, seems like that is the case, i also tried the "transition all ease” doesn’t work.

i did try with interactions, they are also finicky. since the speed of the follow can’t be adjusted, only easing, so the navbar is actually too slow for my liking. and there isn’t a function where “when scrolling stops” i can do an animation of the navbar dampening