Sticky Website - A world full of dark parts

Hello dear Webflowers, as many designers know, sticky elements & 3D website are the new trending must have skills for the next years.

But it look like Sticky positionning is a very problematic position cause it’s not working with special configuration and advanced positioning, overflow ect. and i can’t find any complete tutorial anywhere. I personnaly can’t make it work once with my actual websites structures. BUT WE NEED TO KNOW. It’s VITAL for us designers to know to learn theses new technics if we want to stay modern designers.

I request a tutorial video of Webflow as soon as possible, with anything you CAN and CAN’T do with sticky, specially the functions that cause sticky to not work. Not basic design tutorial but how to achieve theses new top websites that look awesome and how to configure the elements.

If pros can share some advanced tips here would be already very good to help everybody understand, in the wait that some content can be created. :pray: