Sticky Tab Menus Collapse to top - Tab Content behind

Is my website!

I am trying to get the tab menus in the ABOUT section to stack at the top of the screen as I scross through the content in the tab itself… I have managed to get this to work for the top layer but not the inside layer. I have watched and re watched all the tutorials and I feel like there is something very simple that I am missing about the position setting of these elements in my mind sticky is the right option but I also want it to act absolute to the one above…

I would also prefer if the size and heights of thes nav bars and tab menus are set to vh / vw so that my website as a system works similar on desktop vs mobile - scaling accordingly… could this be what is causing me trouble? Is it harder to do all of these things - combined?


Thanks in advance for the help
I feel like the more I tinker around the more I may mess up the current function of my work thus far