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Sticky Scetions on scroll

Hello guys,

I was trying to create a website with main scrolling like so:

or so:

But whatever I tried didn’t help…
I tried to use a side nav bar with dot images.
I also tried to make an unordered list with link but none of these options workd for me

Any advice would be appreciated

Hello @yarden_gilboa,

For the full page scroll you will need some costume code, you can get it from here If you just want sticky sections on scroll, you have to set position sticky on your sections with a top position of 0.
I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

How would I use the code if I want to download?
You think it is possible without code as well?

So I mannaged to do the sticky sections as you offered - Thank you :slight_smile:
BUT I would i go about the left bullets menu?

Hello @yarden_gilboa,

I’m sorry for the late reply, I was not notified of your response since you didn’t use @Pablo_Cortes . Im glad to hear you used sticky, it is very easy and it has a really cool effect. So for your bullets menu you could just use a fixed menu with a z-index value higher than your other sections. I hope this helps.

You can clone this project:

Or this one for horizontal slides:

Or see this video tutorial:

You’ll be able to get a license from the fullPage.js site.

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