Sticky position question


I’ve set the large text block on my About page to position sticky. It’s working but how do I make it continue scrolling upwards after a certain point?



Hey Reece! To accomplish this, you’ll just set the bottom position under your styling. In the screenshot I have the top position set to 0px and bottom position set to 220px. Hope that helps!


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Hey @parker, thanks for this.

It now begins to move upwards as I wanted it to but stops, I’ve added sections below hoping to push it upwards out fo the viewport completely but they scroll over instead of moving it upwards.

I noticed I can fix this issue by changing overflow on the body to Auto/hidden, however this needs to be set to overflow:visible for the position:sticky to work. Do you know what I need to do here?

Solved. Put the large text block with position:sticky applied inside a section.

The tutorial I watched said it must be a direct child of the body…

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Sorry I wasn’t still online when you replied. So glad you got it figured out!