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Sticky Position issue/bug on Firefox

Hi, Webflow community,

I’ve got the weird issue with my sticky component on Firefox browser(web).

Below how it works correctly on Chrome : (2)

And How it works wrong on firefox : (3)

Link to the website:

Could someone help with this layout issue?



hi @Meryl_bnth here is some hint how to fix it but you will need to rethink positioning of this element. Anyway main reason is that FFX doesn’t like to have sticky within flex. you can find more info on stackoverflow if you are interested. I have made short video that can give you an idea where and how

Hello Stan,

thank you so much for your answer, your time and your video.

I understand what you explain to me but I don’t know what it is “align-self : end” on webflow. Is-it in layout ?
When I change it, it doesn’t resolve bug :

Capture d’écran 2021-05-31 à 20.40.45

hi @Meryl_bnth in first place it is not a bug as each browser engine solve identical thing its own way thats why we should always check website in each major browser. Anyway, If you are familiar with CSS principles and look on your styling you will see that you aligning come from your card.

EDIT: I was checking your issue one more time and there is most probably some inherited styling. It can be your styling in your project global setting (I have no access) or some Webflow inherited styling involvement you do not have control over. but you can add this custom code to overwrite this inherited style.

   align-self: start !important;
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Hello stan,

I have added custom code and it works now. Thank you very much for your help :blush: :sunny:

Hi @Meryl_bnth I’m glad to help, if you do not have other questions to this topic feel free to close your request

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