Sticky note background

Hello. I’d like to have this sticky note design but I’m not sure how to achieve that on webflow.

Please let me know how I can go about this. Thank you so much.

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Maybe this helps :

the sticky note is set to relative:

and the sticky-tape is set to absolute:

Let me know if you need more help


Thank you so much for answering. However, I am a total newbie and I do not even know how you created the sticky note itself and the tape and I have no idea what to search to find that. How did you create the sticky note? If possible could you do a screen recording as you create it or share with me what to search on YouTube to create it?

Thank you so much!

Hey Jolleen,

i dont really know what your starting point / base is at the moment did you already work in webflow before and did you make websites on other platforms?

otherwise i would recommend you start at these links:

and checkout the webflow university
great resources when you are starting with webflow.


Thank you for your reply. I’ve just found out that it is under creating cards. There are a lot of tutorials out there and I did not know specifically what to look for but now I know that I should check out card tutorials.

I’ve just been able to create it! Thank you so much Kees for your help.

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Happy you got it working :slight_smile: if you ever need anything just ask :slight_smile: