Sticky Nav Menu

Hey all,

So, I used the layout options for a Sticky Nav, and it has worked great, but I can’t seem to get the hamburger menu icon or dropdown for for! I checked other forums and questions…

I didn’t delete it accidentally, it never even showed up. There is nothing in the Element Settings. There really isn’t anything to share picture wise because it was never there. I also know it’s not supposed to show up in the desktop view, it’s not showing in the tablet or either mobile. It’s starting to get mildly infuriating.

Any help would be amazing!


Here is my site Read-Only: [My Site Link!](Webflow - Cheeco Nation Ink)

Hey @Chee, can you please share a read-only link for your webflow project

Whoops! Sorry!!

Hey @Chee, thanks for sharing the link. Since you created your own custom navbar, you would have to create your own hamburger menu interaction as well.

However, I have showcased how you can save sometime and utilize the webflow navbar component to your advantage instead.

Hope this helps!