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Sticky Nav Bar Not Sticking

Hi guys. I am a total newbie who is trying to build pages for my two businesses myself in Webflow. I made a much more involved page for my first business but was trying to make a basic single page design for my second business. The page is currently hosted at

My problem is the top nav bar on the tablet and phone versions doesn’t stay sticky and disappears while scrolling the page. In designer’s preview mode it works as expected but when published it doesn’t.

Can anyone give some help here?

Here is my site’s read-only link: Webflow - IPG Resources

Hi, try to use the “Fixed” property instead of “Sticky”
Also, I don’t think you need the ‘overflow: auto’ on Body.

And check the initial opacity for the logo on mobile, set to fade in after page load instead on scrolling.

Thanks. That appears to have worked! I appreciate you taking the time to check it out.

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