Sticky menu issue but no overflow hidden

Hi all,

I got a problem where my sticky menus are no longer sticky. Now I have been digging up any possible solutions, but all I get is that overflow hidden in a parent element is causing this problem… but I don’t have any overview hidden. And it has been working perfectly fine until now.

Anybody out there that knows what is causing this?

Thank you!

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Hello @Marcel_Deelen,

Is this problem only happening on the published site? because on the preview your sticky menu works for me. And when you say menus, plural, do you refer to your main menu and the container above that?

Thanks for helping out Pablo. Yes it is working in preview but not in the published one:
And when I was saying that I have more then one sticky menu, I meant also on other pages. Like under activities and in the hotel page under accommodations.

@Marcel_Deelen got it, try to change container-1380 to overflow hidden, publish it and see if it works. The problem is that there are elements that go outside the width of the page and if that is the case the sticky element doesn’t work. Please let me know if this helps.

Nope that did not make any difference. I think we are dealing here with some weird bug.

Hello @Marcel_Deelen, I think so too, specially since it was working before and then it stopped. You should contact support then they will be able to help you further Good luck!

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For anybody from Webflow helpdesk listening in.
I have taken out all the custom code to see if that is where the problem lies, but nope. The menus still don’t stick.

To add to the discomfort. When you go to this page

And you anchor click down to “Dining” the menu bar for the hotel is not visable but if you go with your mouse to the top of the window you see that the links of the menu are actually there!

This is some very weird crappy crap.

@PixelGeek Hi Nelson, do you have any idea what is going wrong here?
I am about to bypass sticky and do it in the old way of showing and hiding menu bars… but really don’t want to go that path.

okay, I found the problem. It was one line of custom CSS code in the homepage.

html, body {
height: 100%;

Without that it works as it should