Sticky lottie animation with animating text

Trying to recreate the last section on this website:

I plan to create a mockup phone (similar to unboxable) but with an animated walkthrough of our SAAS platform within the phone mockup that will play as a lottie animation which I am comfortable with doing.

Ideally want the same effect with the text coming in and out of the screen to showcase features of the platform.

I have kind of got it to work (named Switchboard Feature Section in my read only link), although I feel I’ve done it a bit of a hacky way and with 5 - 6 features the transitions tab is getting very crowded and hard to manage.

Is there a better, simpler way to do it? That would also scale properly on different screen sizes?

Appreciate any help.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]