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Sticky-kit design problem


I know @cyberdave was helping me with this sticky-kit, however i cant seem to see why the sticky element is dragged accross to the right as soon as it sticks! Been bugging me for about an hour.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Thats because your .sticky-column has a value of

“right: 14px;”, but when you set its state to be sticky with the script, you only define a “top: 0px;” but no value for left or right.

Just add “right: 14px” to the script and everything is fine. Or remove the right-defintion within the webflow designer for the element in its default state.


thanks @Daniel_Schultheiss

However i cant seem to see the “right: 14px” on the webflow designer…???

I would not let a column be sticky in any way … so maybe thats a prob ?

Why do you need a column layout anyway? Wouldnt it be better to use native div elements ?
I m not quite sure if there are some problems with styles or maybe with the script itself ?

Could you provide a cloneable version of your site?

I dont need a column layout, i just was recommended that script by @cyberdave

I have replaced it with makefixed.js jsut then with more native div elements and it is looking better.

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