Sticky horizontal scroll... not scrolling all the way

Hi all,
So, I had issues with this horizontal scroll that did not stick (I am following this tutorial:
After some help, the element sticks however, when the “gallery” element is fully visible, it does not scroll UNTIL the element starts to exit the viewport.
So when I scroll down (from beginning of page) and get to the horizontal element called “Gallery”, the gallery correctly “Sticks” but does not scroll, until the end of the element. Once the gallery element starts to go up (by scrolling down) then the gallery scrolls… very weird and I can’t figure it out…
Hope someone can help me on this,…
Thank you

@matthewpmunger, @Aaron any idea? sorry for being a pain.

Hey @dylan_demnard

I’ve never performed this myself, but I do see on the published site that the scroll is leaving before the horizontal scroll is completely finished. Maybe post your injected code here so it can be inspected.

There must have been something I did wrong. I tried to troubleshoot for days, but then I copy-pasted from the tutorial and then it worked… go figure haha
Thanks for your help!