Sticky footer won't show up

Hi Support,

On the website I made a sticky footer on the page lang & gezond. On the first tab however it won’t show my footer, on the other 4 tabs it does show the footer. Can you please explain what’s going wrong here? I don’t get in!

Thanks for your help!

no permissions to view your site :confused:

Here’s how you share a public share link. Thanks! :wink::grinning::blush::+1:

Thanks Vladimir :slight_smile:

I see the footer on all tabs. Safari latest and iMac 27"


Hi Tom,

Thx, however in Google Chrome it’s giving me the problem…it seems browser related.

maybe give us the address of your live link also so we can see the end result, is that

PS graag gedaan :slightly_smiling:

The website is not public yet and can’t share the password until the client gave approval to go live with the website…

@Daniel_Tiebor Did you get this resolved?

@jdesign Thanks for checking! Not in Google Chrome it’s not resolved yet…don’t know what’s going on!

@Daniel_Tiebor The footer is there but you have some flexbox settings applied and I think really you just need to make it block. Then the only issue is that some tab areas are longer and push the footer out of the visual space but that’s expected.

@jdesign Thanks! I got it resolved…the footer was also set on flexbox instead of a block. Changed this and now it works like I want it to.

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