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Sticky embed div wrapper in a column

I am trying to solve a problem with sticky, I want an embed code (which will hold a button I have thrown just a header in for now) to sit inside a div wrapper that sticks when you get to a certain point in the page. The idea is that the left column can hold a lot of info in order to make choices in the button side which has lots of options and variations.

It works perfectly when I take it outside of the column but when I put it in the right column it does not function, I am assuming their is some something relative holding it back, sorry I am new to all this and fumbling along b ut loving the platform so much.


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Ok so worked out the right column has auto height and the little content is misleading the sticky function, is it possible for right column to match left columns height as it has far more content in?.

use flexbox to get match height of X cols (Webflow column use flexbox - but because of the html structure “without” this idea).