Sticky elemets on scroll

What if i have more than one sticky element on a page, i want to unstick one, and stick another element. Please help, friends

Hi @cyberdave, just like Sergey above, I’m looking to implement multiple sticky elements on a single page.

This is how it should work:
1. You scroll a little bit and the first dog shows up and sticks, the background keeps scrolling a bit and then, the dog should scroll up as well…
2. A second dog shows up, sticks and repeats the same behaviour.

I found this jquery script that does exactly that: (take a look a #2 example “Many Sticky Items”)

However, I have no idea how to actually implement this.
Could anyone shed some light on this?


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Hi everyone! I may have figured out an answer with no custom code. Here’s a link to the solution. I’m happy to explain how it works if anyone is interested.

Excellent @DuncanHamra

I’m interested! Can you explain please? :slightly_smiling_face:

@DuncanHamra Could you please republish the “solution” link from above? I’m really interested in seeing how you were successful with this implementation.