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Sticky element: Works in designer, not on published page

We’ve got a mid-page sticky secondary navigation element… It used to work in the designer AND the published site, and while still works in the designer, it’s no longer works on the published site for an unknown reason. It’s the element ‘sticky-nav’. Really need to get this running again… Anybody else run into this? Have any suggestions or links?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Welcome to the community @Xavier_Ames!

Personally I haven’t seen this issue before but I’d try republishing your project (or even un-publishing then re-publishing) to see if that doesn’t help fix the issue. I don’t see an console errors and I don’t see anything that would make me think this shouldn’t work.

Was there something in particular you changed before it stopped working or did it happen somewhat randomly?

Hi Mike! Thank you so much for your response. Actually yes, something was done! As you might be able to see, the titles in the sticky element change color depending on the section of the page that’s being viewed. Initially, only the text turned orange, then we made a change to allow the text AND the svg symbol next to it to turn orange. it’s after we made this change that the sticking stopped happening in the published site.

Ah okay, good to know—thanks for the extra info!

Can you try removing the change to the background image for the active link state and republish the project? I’d be surprised if this was the issue, however I think it’s important to rule it out and—depending on the size of your SVG code—you may be able to include these within an HTML Embed element instead (using fill="currentColor") which would allow you to swap the color without needing to change the background image.

Not sure if you’ve used this trick before, however using the “currentColor” property looks to your font color for the fill of the SVG, so theoretically you could change the color of both the text and the icon with one style change.