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Sticky Element starting at the bottom

Hi guys!
I want my header to be at the bottom of the page for the landing page and then stick to the top, I thought the best option was to use Position: Sticky with 0px to the top, which works fine. But I can’t figure out how to position it at the bottom of the landing page to begin with, the usual Position: Fixed (Bottom) is obviously not an option and I don’t want to add margin until it fits to avoid the hassle of adjusting margin in order to be responsive. Is there any other option?

Here are two screenshots, one of how it should be positioned when first opening the page and the second one of how it should be when scrolled past.

Thank you!

Hi There,

Please add a read only link to your project so we could have a look at it and make suggestions!

here is hopefully the right link!

Hey Stella!

Did you find a solution back then?
I am having the same issue just now. :thinking: