Sticky element on domain doesn't work

Good day Webflow Community!

I am currently having trouble with a sticky element in my landing page. It seems to work at but doesn’t work in

The area of concern is “Mu Peng Design Works”

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @Bianca_Are :smile:

I looked through your site, both in the Webflow Staging, and live at your custom domain. The sticky elements are working on my end.

Could you please post a screenshot or recording of what you’re seeing? Is it on specific devices?

An Overflow: Hidden style on any parent element (section, container, etc.) stops Position: Sticky from working, and some browsers struggle to render it. I hope that this is helpful!

Incredible work on your site build, the animations are sooo smooth! :clap: :webflow_heart:

Hi Waldo! Thank you so much for the quick and the site compliment!

This is actually what I am encountering (specifically in Chrome, since I figured it works in Safari). And it specifically occurs only on the custom domain:

Thank you again and hope to hear from you!