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Sticky Element not working (product pic)

Im trying to make the product picture (on the left) sticky but its not working

Hey there - tried debugging within your project but couldn’t quite figure it out. Rebuilt something from scratch to replicate the effect you describe - hope this helps [preview link](published link).

Maybe consider building from scratch with divs and arrange children via Flex (see my example). I wonder if there are some built-in styles/properties in the container element that might be clashing with the stciky effect you’re trying to achieve.

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I tried and it worked but now it looks like this! Pole Sadr •

@brjohnson do u know whats wrong now? (its showing everything twice!)

Looks like the pp pp left didn’t have position: sticky set. I also removed a negative top margin you had set on that element. Let me know if you can successfully replicate:

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Thanks alot mate :slight_smile:

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