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Sticky doesn't stick?

Hey folks. Hope everyone is doing great and keeping busy.

I wonder if any of you kind people could give me some advice or tips on the sticky feature in webflow. I have a lot of problems with it, and I think this is down to not using it correctly. For example, on the practice page below(section 59), I want that section to stick momentarily to the page while the titles have a chance to appear while in view. So I would have said that either, I make the section 59 overly long and relative, then the container sticky to that section. So the user just sees the container sticking to the page??

Failing that, make the section 59 sticky to the body so the container remains in place?

But…if I’m doing interaction with the headings to appear ‘while scrolling in view’, am I right in saying they would no longer work when the section sticks as technically it would not be scrolling?

Any help on this would be so very much appreciated. I really want to get to grips with sticky as it’s such a valuable tool I’m sure if learned properly.


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Have you read the university info on sticky?

Hi sarahfrison

Thanks for getting back to me. For some reason I wasn’t alerted that anyone replied. Usually I don’t get one. I have went over the webflow tutorial quite a lot. For some reason when attempting it under a different project it worked a lot better. I’ve had this before so not sure how it works on one and not the other?