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Sticky columns with content scrolling once in a while


I am trying to re-create the effect on this side The case study factory

(See screenshot attached for the precise section),

where one column on the right scrolls and the column on the left is sticky (where the big numbers are) but scrolls once in a while to update the different numbers.

I tried to deconstruct it and analyzed it, I am pretty sure this can be achieve with sticky but I do not understand how I should structure my components.

Could anyone help? It would be much appreciated ))


I tried again and again but no chance…basically I need a way to make a content sticky until it is pushed by another sticky content…Does somebody has a clue?

Many thanks!

btw, Sticky doesn’t work if any parent of the sticky element — up to the Body — is set to overflow:hidden

Hello Vincent,

Thank you so much, I was already so far, see link above. But if you see the example I sent you the “0” is still flowing across the whole screen.

Is there a way to achieve this without code?