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Sticky column inside CMS Blog Post Template

Hi Everybody,

I am struggling to get a column to be sticky: the 40% Column on the right should be sticky with 35px to the Browser top when scrolling.
I watched a few tutorials but I am not sure where my mistake is.

All help is appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hey @Kloeckwork
You need to remove overflow hidden here and it will work

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Hi @Incognito_Agency

Thank you for your answer – it did work!
I now tried to replicate it with a different Design and failed.

All parents are set to static and have a visible overflow and no defined height.
But I can’t get my 30% column to stick inside the Flex Wrapper.

– I think there is a concept regarding sticky I have not understood yet…

Here it’s happening because it doesn’t have anywhere to go, it covers 100% of height of it’s parent element, the element you are trying to have sticky should always be top aligned with breathing room below it so it actually has some surface for travel. Give your Flex Wrapper height of eg. 300vh and flex to the top to see what I’m talking about

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Thank you, I understand where my mistake was <3
Parent must be taller than child for child to move during scrolling.
My child was as tall as its parent element.