Sticky Bug or not?

I have a sticky sidebar on the site, this is on the blog overview landing page…

The client requires that is sticks in view until the blog overview grid reaches the bottom.

The sticky works perfectly on some desktops, on some however it does not, if the height of the desktop is reduced past a certain height, the sticky class reverts to relative 20% or so before the bottom of the parent div is reached.

Is this a known bug?

Thanks Graham

Here is my site Read-Only: []

Hi @allthingsGJD

Sorry for the slow response time on this.

I was able to runs some tests my self and I also asked a couple of moderators to test on Windows as I use Mac and we couldn’t find any strange behavior.

Are you able to pin down which browser, operating system and the height it acting in a non expected behavior? Also if you’re able to do a screen recording of you findings that would be very helpful.


Hey Jorn,

I also must apologise for the late response.

Unfortunately the client has now taken delivery of the site and locked it down whilst updating the content, so it is no longer available for previewing.

I will revise this issue if it occurs again in the future.
Thanks Graham

Ok, thanks for letting me now.